IPE – The special Outdoor Wood

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April 11, 2017

IPE – The special Outdoor Wood

IPE Decking

El Ipé, is a tree native to tropical areas of America. His cross is greatly prized for use in joinery both indoor and outdoor for its high strength and resistance to water and wood-eating insects.

IPE, considered the best natural wood for exterior decks, is durable and resilient. Much better in any outdoor condition compared to other types of wood Another aspect in its favor is its easy maintenance. Only necessary to periodically apply a treatment to open with oil-based products in order to maintain hydration of wood pore. Sawing requires using powerful computers. Saws become dull very quickly and it is recommended to use stellited. Gluing is delicate and is only recommended for indoor use. In the nails and screws required to perform pre-boring. Lapachol deposits may hinder the application of paints and varnishes, so it is recommended that pretreatment with cover pores.

  • Furniture and Woodworking
  • Capsules for decorative coatings
  • carpentry of arming
  • Interior joinery: stairs, molding
  • Sleepers
  • Soil (industrial use)
  • Shipbuilding
  • Hydraulic Works
  • Posts
  • Turning
  • Size
  • Tool handles

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